Surge Washing Units

Surge Washing Units Speed Up Cleaning Tasks and Make Them Easier

Clean pots or pans that have grease buildup or caked on food with little to no scrubbing using surge washing units! These units simply attach to the side of your sink and circulate hundreds of gallons of water to help you clean dishes. When your surge washing unit sucks in water, it pressurizes it and discharges it out of the other end in a figure eight pattern, making it easy to wash off heavy grime without tiring as quickly.

Surge washing units speed up water flow enough to remove all types of melted cheese, oils, and egg residue from your plates. At the same time, they're gentle enough to help you wash fruit, vegetables, and seafood without damaging your products. These units will save you time in your prep area or dish room, so you can increase your output and efficiency!


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