Dishtable Undershelves and Accessories

Organize Your Kitchen and Maximize Efficiency with Dishtable Undershelves and Accessories

Dishtable undershelves help you use every space in your kitchen and keep your dishes, utensils, cleaning fluids, and dish racks in an easily accessible place. We offer shelves in different widths and lengths to match the size of your dishtable, and they're elevated from the floor to avoid being contaminated by spills or other liquids. Since they're made of stainless steel, they're also easy to clean and can withstand heavy items like stacks of dishes.

Our dishtable accessories are also handy for washing dishes and throwing away food scraps. Use our scrap blocks to collect food particles and prevent water from entering your scrap chute. Our sink strainers come with elevated bottoms, so you can rinse off plates and avoid clogging your drain with pieces of food. We even carry overhead shelves for your dishtable as well as replacement legs and feet!


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