Food Storage Jars and Ingredient Canisters

Ingredient Canisters Are Perfect for Holding and Protecting Dry Ingredients

Using food storage jars is one of the most convenient ways to keep extra ingredients on hand in your commercial kitchen or bakery. Some ingredient canisters are perfect for keeping dry cooking supplies, like flour, sugar, salt, and rice, fresh. Other containers can be kept front of house to be used as a tip jar or to store vegetables, fruit, cheese, and dressings as part of a salad or dessert bar.

Our ingredient canisters are available in a variety of different materials, including china, porcelain, glass, and stainless steel, so you can find the jar that works best in your commercial kitchen. China and porcelain jars are great for front-of-house storage, while industrial stainless steel options are perfect for storing large volumes of ingredients. Each style of jar comes in a multiple sizes, colors, and lid types, allowing you to easily find the canister to fit your needs. Food storage jars can also be used to display candy or other treats to drive impulse sales. Glass storage jars are especially good for this since they allow your customers to easily view your product without exposing the contents to outside contaminants.


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