Interlocking Floor Mat Tiles

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Will Help with Drainage on Your Kitchen Floors

Eliminate the possibility of unsanitary and hazardous puddles on your kitchen floors with drainage rubber mats! Your staff can easily slip on wet floors and injure themselves, which is a liability for you. Our interlocking rubber floor tiles will provide a slip-resistant surface in your kitchen or around pools, spas, or locker rooms to prevent accidents and injuries. These mats come in small squares and feature interlocking extensions on their edges, so you can fit tiles together seamlessly.

Thanks to their interlocking design, these drainage rubber mats will lie evenly across your floor to minimize trips and falls. The open-grid construction allows water or any other liquids to easily pass through the mat onto your regular floor, so your staff doesn't have to walk through wet messes or spills. For added security, we also carry mats with beveled or rounded safety edges that will make it less difficult to push carts over top of them and reduce the chance your staff will trip.


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