Work Table / Equipment Stand Drawers and Accessories

Customize Your Kitchen with Work Table and Equipment Stand Drawers and Accessories

Check out our selection of work table and equipment stand drawers and accessories to fully outfit your table and get the exact kitchen you want. Since these parts and accessories are sold individually, you can also easily replace overused or broken pieces without needing to purchase a whole new table. All of these pieces are made with extremely durable materials, like stainless steel, galvanized steel, or polyurethane, so that your new additions will last in a busy commercial environment.

We carry a wide variety of pieces, including cutting boards, drawers, shelves, and legs to either replace broken pieces or add more versatility to your existing work table. Adjustable cutting boards attach to table legs to provide a place to chop, slice, and mince without taking up valuable space on the counter or table. Many of our drawer options are even NSF Listed, so you can be sure that your work table additions will be easy to clean and maintain.


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