Adjustable Work Table Undershelves

Add More Storage to Your Prep Area with Adjustable Work Table Undershelves

By adding an adjustable undershelf to your work table, you can add convenient storage space to your food prep area without adding bulky shelving units. These shelves fit right onto your existing work table in the empty space underneath. Storing ingredients and supplies on shelves also keeps your kitchen more sanitary, since it keeps items off the floor where they would come into contact with dirt, dust, and vermin. The lifted shelf also makes it easier to thoroughly clean the floor.

We carry adjustable work table undershelves in a variety of styles to fit any kitchen. These shelves come in many different dimensions to fit any size table you may have. Many units feature clamps to connect to table legs, eliminating the need for unsightly nuts and bolts and giving your table a more streamlined appearance. All of these work table undershelves are made with strong materials, such as galvanized or stainless steel, to ensure that your shelving unit can withstand constant use in a commercial kitchen.


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