Granita / Slushy Machines

Serve Refreshing Frozen Drinks and Slurpees with a Commercial Slush Machine

Frozen beverage dispensers are a versatile addition to any snack shack, concession stand, convenience store, gas station, or bar. These granita machines are perfect for making a variety of products, from slushies and slurpees to smoothies, and you can even use them to make frozen cocktails. Our selection of machines includes high-performance models for faster freeze times and standard units for light-duty use. You’ll even find machines that automatically mix liquid concentrates or flavored powder with water so your employees don’t have to waste time doing it themselves.

Not only does a slushie machine effectively merchandise your frozen drinks, but it also uses augers to continuously mix contents to maintain your beverage’s texture and consistency. Once you’re ready to serve a customer, simply pull on the unit’s handle to open the non-drip faucet for easy dispensing. Whether you’re looking for a single compartment granita machine for use in your low-volume establishment, or you need a multi-bowl unit for your high-volume needs, we have you covered.


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