Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinets

A Cook and Hold Oven Cooks Meat Slowly to Preserve the Juices Within the Meat and Reduce Shrinking

Designed to cook your most popular dishes and keep them hot until serving, a cook & hold oven is one of the most useful products to add to a busy kitchen. These ovens are designed with single- or double-stack profiles to supply the cooking potential that you need, and many models are mounted on casters for easy movement when cleaning your kitchen. You can also find specialized smoker ovens to give your recipes a rich, dark flavor that customers will love.

Here, we carry cook & hold ovens that are made to undercounter, half height, and full height specifications, ensuring you can find an oven that works for you even if space is at a premium. A cook & hold oven also includes either slides or shelves on the interior to best accommodate your cooking style. Conveniently, they're each rated according to their interior capacities and how much weight they can hold so you can pick out the unit that works best for you.


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