Seafood Preparation Equipment Parts and Accessories

Use Seafood Preparation Parts to Keep Your Presses, Cutters, and Shuckers in Great Condition

If you own a restaurant, seafood business, or crab shack, your equipment needs to stay in good working order to keep up with sales. Whether you use a shrimp deveiner or need to service your tuna press, we have seafood prep accessories to make your prep tasks even easier. Check out our hardware for tuna presses, including replacement shoes, bushings, press plates, side and cross bars, and hanger assemblies.

We also have seafood preparation parts for shrimp cutters and deveiners. These seafood machines save your staff hours of prep time because they don't have to remove veins and shrimp tails by hand. Use replacement feeder discs, feeder trays, and shaft seals to ensure your shrimp pass through your machine efficiently. Don't forget to check out our oyster kettle covers and replacement shucker blades, too.


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