Tortilla Presses and Tortilla Grills

Press, Shape, and Bake Tortillas With a Commercial Tortilla Press Machine

Turn dough into fresh, warm tortillas for tacos, burritos, wraps, and other Mexican-inspired dishes with a commercial tortilla press! Designed to flatten dough balls into perfectly flat and warmed tortillas within seconds, a tortilla press allows your staff to create consistent products in your commercial kitchen. You’ll also find grills that will evenly bake multiple tortillas at once so you can deliver hot and enticing enchiladas and fajitas.

Adding a commercial tortilla press to your equipment supply is a great way to boost production time and improve the quality of your finished products, allowing you to produce dozens of tortillas in a shorter amount of time. These presses are also easy to operate and feature convenient handles that allow the user to apply downward force, making them great for employees of any skill level. Each tortilla press also heats up electrically, or can be preheated in an oven to ensure tortillas are properly warmed before serving.


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