3 Compartment Sinks

Warewashing 3 Compartment Sinks Allow You To Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize Dirty Dishes in One Convenient Location

Keep your pots and pans clean by installing a 3 compartment sink in your kitchen. There are various <a href="https://www.TheRestaurantStore.com/guide/627/types-of-compartment-sinks.html" target="_blank">types of compartment sinks</a>, however these 3 compartment sinks are great for making sure that your dishes get thoroughly cleaned in a three step cleaning system. With three sections, you can designate one for washing, one for rinsing, and one for sanitizing.

A 3 compartment sink is useful for cleaning <a href="%%category_link:2733%%" target="_blank">large stock pots</a> and sheet pans that are too bulky for your dishwashing machine. When your cookware is perfectly clean, you create a more sanitary restaurant overall. Your customers are expecting spotless plates and <a href="%%category_link:3897%%" target="_blank">flatware</a>, so be sure to wash them in a 3 step cleaning system to provide the best service possible.


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