Pre-Rinse Faucets

A Commercial Pre-Rinse Faucet Prepares Your Dishes and Cookware for Routine Cleaning

Pre-rinse faucets are necessities in commercial kitchens, allowing your staff to quickly clean leftover sauce, food scraps, and more from your most frequently-used dishes. We offer commercial pre-rinse faucets in both wall mount and deck mount styles, and there are even options for add on faucets to yield greater versatility. In addition, you can pick up commercial pre-rinse spray valves that are made to a whole range of different specifications, including eco-conscious low-flow options.

We have a pre-rinse faucet that can meet the specifications of any commercial kitchen, down to important details like the height of the faucet, the measurements of its centers, and more. Many of these pre-rinse faucets are packaged with spray valves, and we also carry separate assemblies so you can create your own custom unit that's unique to your business. In addition to standard pre-rinse faucets, we also carry models that come with multiple accessories, including wall brackets, extra-long inlet connectors, and wrist-action handles, among others. With so many options at your fingertips, you're sure to find the commercial pre-rinse faucet that best suits your needs.


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