Add-On Faucets for Pre-Rinse Faucets

Make Your Sink More Versatile with Add-On Faucets

Add-on faucets for pre-rinse faucets transform your sink into a versatile warewashing and food prep station. When you add a traditional spigot to your sink, you can perform a variety of tasks like soaking soiled pans, filling pots with water for cooking, and washing hands. These extra nozzles are also ideal for three-compartment sinks, so you can pre-rinse, wash, and sanitize in the same unit.

Our selection of add-on faucets includes options of different lengths to fit in your small or large sink. Many of them swivel side to side, and select styles also have aerators that ensure consistent water flow. You can even find faucets that are ADA Compliant, so people with physical restrictions can use them, as well.


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