Taco Holders and Taco Shell Pans

Using a Taco Holder Makes it Easier to Dress and Serve Tacos

Prepare, present, and serve soft or hard shell tacos with ease in a taco holder. Choose from options with separate compartments that can hold multiple tacos at once, or check out a bowl-shaped taco shell pan for taco salad. By using a taco shell rack, you’ll be able to serve up orders in a unique way that will also keep shells sitting upright, reducing spills and messes.

When you use taco trays for back-of-house applications, you’ll notice how much easier it is to fill and dress tacos. These dishes hold shells upright so you can add meat, salsa, sour cream, and more without actually having to touch the taco shell itself. And, when you use taco shell pans for salads, its tortilla shape adds to the overall presentation of the meal.


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