Pan Extenders

Sheet Pan Extenders Prevent Batter and Dough from Baking Over Sides of Pans

Turn your ordinary sheet pans into even more versatile pieces of bakeware by using these pan extenders. We carry options that are compatible with any quarter, half, or full-size pan, so you can efficiently bake goods for your small or large event. By using these sheet pan extenders, you’ll prevent batter from pouring over the sides of the pan and creating a mess in your commercial oven. These accessories also ensure that baked goods are even in height, color, and texture across the entire surface.

Supply your bakery, cafe, catering service, or diner with these pan extenders. Undivided styles are ideal for making sheet cakes for weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, and other catered events. Most of these sheet pan extenders feature perfectly square edges, ensuring that every piece of the cake has the same cut as a center slice. We also carry options that are divided up into squares to make brownies and sweet rolls, and ones that are divided lengthwise into rectangles to make loaves of cornbread and jelly rolls.


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