Mail Carts

Quickly Transport Mail and Other Supplies Around Your Establishment with Rolling Mail Carts

Easily deliver packages, envelopes, and other supplies around your office building, hotel, or warehouse with a mail cart on wheels. Great for mail room employees, secretaries, and assistants, an office mail cart has shelves and ample storage room, allowing you to transport mail in bulk. And, since these rolling mail carts are mounted on casters, employees don’t have to carry around large totes or boxes by hand.

Since many of these products can handle high weight capacities, you can use your mail sorting cart to assist employees in charge of stocking shelves in supermarkets and warehouses. We also offer mail carts with adjustable shelving, allowing you to control the spacing between shelves to accommodate taller packages. Additionally, to ensure the delivery process is as easy as possible, most of these wire mail carts have extended handles that give the user complete control and prevent them from hunching over.


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