Janitorial / Cleaning Carts and Caddies

Cleaning Carts Make it Easy to Transport Janitorial Supplies

With our wide selection of janitor carts, it's easy to organize, hold, and transport your cleaning supplies. These cleaning carts are simple to maintain and operate thanks to their smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces, non-marking wheels, and replaceable vinyl bags. We also offer hand-held plastic caddies, which make it simple for your cleaning staff to transport their supplies around your restaurant, school, or hotel.

Janitor carts will help keep your supplies and your building clean and organized. We even carry heavy-duty 3 shelf carts for your heavier and bulkier cleaning products. Since cleaning carts come with casters, they can be used to easily transport linens and other janitorial necessities in your hotel or hospital. A janitor cart or caddy can also be used to keep chemicals and cleaning cloths separate to avoid product confusion. To make sure you have everything you need, we even offer various cleaning kits for different areas of your establishment.


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