Laundry Carts

Transport Dirty Linens, Towels, and More with a Commercial Laundry Cart on Wheels

Transport mass amounts of soiled or used items with an industrial laundry cart from our vast selection! Basket trucks with wheels makes it much more convenient to lug large quantities of laundry to and from your wash room, reducing labor time and efforts. From stainless steel linen trucks to folding industrial hampers, we have a style to meet any establishment’s janitorial needs.

These wheeled laundry carts are available to you in a range of capacities, so even the largest hotels and resorts have a transportation system big enough to handle their laundry. We even carry linen trucks that are used to store and deliver fresh sheets, hand towels, and more to guests’ rooms. Whether you’re operating a hotel, spa, gym, or restaurant, a laundry basket cart with wheels is a great addition to your supply.


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