Dish Carts and Glass Rack Dollies

Dish Dollies, Plate Caddies, and Tray Carts Keep Your Buffet or Cafeteria Organized

Safely transport dishes and glassware throughout your business with a dish rack dolly. A dish cart is perfect for moving clean or dirty dishes between front- and back-of-house areas. Additionally, tray caddies and glass rack dollies work well for transporting trays and cups around your retirement community or cafeteria.

Due to their large size, combination carts allow you to transport dishes, plates, and trays at the same time. If you use plates that have covers at your hospital, we also offer caddies to transport these items. Because these dinnerware carts are made of materials like polyethylene, aluminum, and polymer, you can rest assured they’re built to last. Promote safety and efficiency in the workplace by transporting dish racks and glass racks with a rack dolly!


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