Ice Picks

Break Up Large Chunks of Ice with Bar Ice Chippers

If your establishment gets ice from a commercial ice machine, then you know that the occasional ice buildup is inevitable. By having these ice picks in supply, you’ll be able to break up solid chunks of ice more easily, efficiently, and safely. Whether you’re looking for bar ice chippers to prep ice for drink service in your restaurant or bar, or you need styles to chop ice for your salad bar, we’re sure to have the perfect choice for you.

Our ice picks are available in either single or multi-point options. Picks with one point are ideal for use in narrower containers, whereas picks with multiple points are great for tackling extremely large chunks of ice. Both styles boast sturdy constructions to ensure ultimate control. You’ll also find that many of our bar ice chippers have wooden handles. Since wood is non-conductive, the handle won’t become too cold to hold over an extended period of time. The smooth surface of the handle also provides a comfortable grip for the user and will reduce the chances of hands becoming blistered.


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