Bar Utensils

Every Establishment Offering Specialty Cocktails Should Have the Proper Bar Spoon and Muddler

No bar supply is complete without the proper utensils. A bar spoon will help bartenders thoroughly mix cocktails directly in the serving glass, and its long, thin shape makes it easier to use in glasses filled with ice. You’ll also need a reliable bar muddler so you can concoct drinks infused with fresh spices, herbs, and fruits. By having these mixology essentials on-hand, you’ll be able to prep drinks more accurately and efficiently.

Use a bar spoon to make anything from Shirley temples and whiskey sours to milkshakes and smoothies. Each spoon has a knobbed end that gives the user greater control when mixing, while its teaspoon end is great for measuring out simple syrup and other mix-ins. To craft a delicious and refreshing cocktail, you’ll want to use a bar muddler. These bar utensils feature grooved heads that effortlessly crush mint for mojitos, rosemary for whiskey on-the-rocks, and fruit for sangria.


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