Novelty Plastic Barware

Expand Your Bar Menu and Get the Party Started with Novelty Barware

Our plastic barware comes in several designs to add a unique element to your bar! We offer bomb shot cups that are perfect for Irish car bombs, Jager bombs, and all other types of bomb shots. Each cup comes with a 2-chamber design that features a built-in shot in the center of a larger cup. This construction makes it easy for your bartenders to pour liquor and serve drinks faster. Choose from many different colors to suit the style of party you're hosting!

If you're looking for other novelty barware options, try our test tube shooters! We offer test tubes in bulk quantities, so you can accommodate your largest crowds. You can also serve them in a test tube rack for an eye-catching presentation. Check out our Jell-O injectors for an out-of-the-ordinary way of serving Jell-O shots! With these syringes, customers can inject their drinks straight into their mouths.


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