Playing Cards and Dice

Provide Bar Dice and Wholesale Playing Cards to Entertain your Bar's Patrons

Supply your bar, night club, pub, or lounge with these various bar games to keep your patrons entertained for hours at a time! Our selection includes bar dice that allow guests to play old-time favorites like Zonk, Backgammon, and Craps, as well as playing cards that are necessary for traditional games like rummy, Pinochle, and Bridge. You can even use these games to entertain guests in your family-style diner, cafe, or restaurant.

Playing cards and bar dice can also be used to host tournament nights in your bar. Attract new customers to your establishment by having weekly game nights, and keep the atmosphere interesting for loyal patrons, as well. When customers stay longer in your establishment, it can lead to increased food and drink sales, which will help boost profits.


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