Drop-In Chafers

Drop-In Chafers Are Ideal Permanent Fixtures for Hotel Buffets and Self-Serve Areas

Ideal for indoor self-serve locations in hospitality businesses, drop-in chafers turn part of your counters into a permanent buffet. These chafers free up storage space in your business by taking the place of portable chafers, ensuring you don't have to look after the stands and other extra products that come with each unit. Plus, because they sit right in your countertop, these chafers will also give your business a modern, sleek appeal.

Here, you can find drop-in chafers that are made to different sizes so you can serve the perfect volume of food at any time. All of these chafers also come with attached lids so you can easily roll them back to serve customers and forward to keep food hot. Best of all, each drop-in chafer is a permanent fixture in your business so you can eliminate the risks of tips and drops while also keeping open flames away from your customers.


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