Wall Mount Faucets

Outfit Your Kitchen or Supply Closet with a Commercial Wall-Mount Faucet

Wall-mount faucets are installed directly into your wall or backsplash and connect to your water lines through the wall rather than through your sink or deck. When choosing a wall-mount faucet, it is important to find an option that has a nozzle that fits your sink. We offer products with a variety of nozzle styles, such as swing, double-jointed, and gooseneck nozzles, each of which has unique features and benefits.

If you’re looking for a nozzle for your three compartment sink, swing and double-jointed options are ideal because they have a wide range of motion. For filling up buckets and pots with water, gooseneck nozzles are more useful, as the high neck on the faucet allows you to fit buckets underneath easily. We also offer some faucets without nozzles, so you can add the best option for your needs.


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