Food Mills

Make Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Purees with Food Mills

Food mills allow cooks to process their own specialty ingredients for sauces, soups, purees, and condiments. Depending on the size of the basket sieve used, these mills will separate the seeds and skins from the juice, allowing you to strain anything from tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes to apples, pears, and other fruits. By processing your own foods, you’ll not only cut down on spending costs of pre-made products, but you’ll also be able to use fresher and more flavorful ingredients that are made the same day your meal is served.

Choose from either manual or electric food mills, depending on how often your restaurant is processing ingredients. Electric models are ideal for higher volume output, while hand-cranked manual food mills are ideal for lower volume applications. You can also find both electric and manual options with a continuous feed feature that increases output and efficiency without sacrificing quality. Continuous feed food mills allow the user to steadily add whole ingredients to the top of the hopper while the motor continues to process.


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