Potato Mashers

Use a Potato Masher to Make Popular Home-Style Sides

Make hand-mashed potatoes to offer as a hearty side by using a potato masher. Whether you’re looking for a square model to mash more potatoes at once, or you want a round potato masher that will mash all contents around the edges of your cooking pot, we’re sure to have an option for you. You will also find that a majority of these tools have extended handles to reach into deeper pots, and many of them can also be used to mix large quantities of soup!

Use a potato masher instead of a mixer when you want to make old-fashioned mashed potatoes with more texture and lumps. This style of potato is a popular side dish, and oftentimes, it’s a healthier alternative to creamy mashed potatoes because it doesn’t require as much butter and milk to get a desired consistency. You can also use a square or round potato masher on pre-cooked sweet potatoes and other root vegetables to make unique dishes.


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