Squeeze Bottles

Add Efficiency and Cleanliness with Quick Dispensing Restaurant Squeeze Bottles

Provide your employees and customers a more convenient, clean way to dispense condiments, sauces, oils, and spreads with squeezable bottles! These condiment squeeze bottles are perfect for high volume, self-serve areas. Use them for back-of-house purposes like storing your special sauces and condiments or for holding dish soap or cooking oils! The versatility of these restaurant squeeze bottles makes them a necessity in virtually any foodservice establishment.

Our squeezable bottles come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors to fit any application! We carry classic red and yellow ketchup and mustard containers as well as plastic squirt bottles that are perfect for holding anything from sandwich oil to mayonnaise or salad dressings! Many of these squeezable bottles come with screw-on lids at both ends to make cleaning and refilling a breeze, and our range of lids allows you to customize your squeeze bottles, depending on their contents!


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