Portable Work Tables

Use a Portable Work Table for Your Food Prep, Display, or Serving Needs

A portable work table is an extremely versatile unit for your restaurant or catering business. By keeping the top-sliding lids closed, you can use these items at your next catered dinner, fundraiser, or luncheon to slice vegetables for salads or fruit garnishes for drinks. A mobile work table can even be used as a display station to hold condiments, napkins, cutlery, or boxed lunches. Or, you can slide open the lids, fill the units with ice, and use them as self-serve salad bars or buffet stations.

Each portable work table comes mounted on four casters for easy maneuvering around your dining room. Their included brakes allow you to stabilize your unit once you’re ready to set up your station. You can also choose between styles with open bases or units with undercounter storage for supplies and non-perishable food or beverage items. We even carry models of various colors, so you’re sure to find a mobile work table that best complements your establishment’s decor.


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