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Let Customers Know You’re Open for Business with Our LED Restaurant Signs

Clearly display your business hours, specials, and more with our door signs! These bright, energy-efficient LED restaurant signs are perfect for drawing customers into your diner, fast food restaurant, or bar. Use an LED open sign to increase impulse sales, stand out against the competition, and simply tell customers that you're open for business. We only offer you the most durable and convenient selections from the industry's name brand vendors that you've come to trust.

Many of our door signs use less electricity compared to standard bulbs, and they're also safer and lighter than typical signs. Made for versatility, all of our door signs can also go outdoors while resisting wind, rain, and other weather to direct customers to you. You can even find an LED open sign that comes with several display options like static, flashing, or tracer modes so customers can find your business from a distance or during the night.


List results:
Choice 20 3/4" x 13" LED Open Sign With Four Display Modes and Acrylic Cover #466OP2412RG
$29.99 /Each
$34.99 /Each
Choice 23" x 13" LED Oval Open Sign with Two Display Modes #466OPECONOVL
$19.99 /Each
$13.99 /Each
$29.99 /Each
$29.99 /Each
Lot pricing:
Individually Lots of 6
$12.99 $10.87
$10.87 /Each
$92.99 /Each
$7.49 /Each
$89.99 /Each
$49.99 /Each
$106.99 /Each
$49.99 /Each
$54.99 /Each
$52.99 /Each
$34.49 /Each
$134.99 /Each
$59.99 /Each
$98.99 /Each
$64.49 /Each
$58.99 /Each
$103.99 /Each
$89.99 /Each
$68.99 /Each
$64.99 /Each
$89.99 /Each
$99.99 /Each
$52.99 /Each
$68.49 /Each