Ice Transport Buckets and Accessories

Make Ice Transport Easier for Your Staff with a Commercial Ice Bucket

Our ice transport buckets and caddies allow your staff to carry and move ice in a convenient and sanitary way at your restaurant, concession stand, or bar. You can funnel ice from your machine into a commercial ice bucket so it's easier to transport it to your seafood station, underbar ice bin, or chilled beverage station. Choose an ice only bucket made of durable and thick plastic that is sturdy enough to hold several pounds of ice.

Choose from different sizes of ice transport buckets that can hold a few pounds to several dozen pounds based on your serving needs. Use a commercial ice bucket with a sturdy metal handle to make it easier to carry. We also offer ice carts for especially heavy loads so your staff won't hurt themselves as they transport large quantities of ice. Be sure to cover your ice bucket with one of our lids to keep ice free from contaminants, too!


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