Cake / Pie Storage Containers

Hold and Transport Desserts in a Pie Storage Container

A pie storage container will make transporting your freshly-baked goods easier and more sanitary. Choose from items of different shapes and sizes to find one that accommodates your cheesecakes, apple pies, or bundt cakes. You can also pick a cake storage container with a self-serve lid that allows customers to grab samples of your cupcakes, pastries, cookies, and scones.

If you operate a bakery, cafe, catering business, or diner, then a pie storage container is a great item for your business. Not only do these container and lid combos keep contents fresh, but they also protect them from outside contaminants. Business owners can use a cake storage container to store baked goods in their display case, or caterers can use them to transport items from their kitchens to off-site locations.


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