Plate Covers

Restaurant Plate Covers Enhance Meal Presentation While Keeping Entrees Warm and Fresh

Plate covers are used to keep prepared entrees warm and fresh until customers are ready to enjoy their meals. Simply place restaurant plate covers over top of appropriately sized plates to insulate hot foods and protect cold foods from contaminants. Many of these covers also feature a small handle or a thumb hole, so staff can easily take the covers off when guests are seated.

Our plate covers are available in various materials and styles for use in different foodservice settings. You’ll find more industrial plastic covers that are commonly used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes. We also offer porcelain, stainless steel, and polyglass restaurant plate covers that offer more sophistication for white tablecloth establishments, catered events, and room service. We even carry disposable options that can be used to cover trays of cookies, cheese assortments, lunch meats, and other appetizers for events.


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