Queen Anne Flatware 18/0

Queen Anne Flatware is a Durable and Elegant Option for Formal Meal Service

Made of stainless steel with a chrome satin finish, Queen Anne flatware is an ideal choice for catering services, restaurants, hotels, and more! This hardy flatware is made of 18/0 stainless steel and can withstand repeated use and cleaning without showing signs of wear and tear like other utensils. It also won't bend easily or become misshapen, even in high-volume settings. Choose from various spoons, knives, and forks to set your table for any course of your meal.

Queen Anne flatware features soup, dessert, and iced tea spoons as well as cocktail, salad, and dinner forks. From appetizer to dessert, you have all of the utensils you need. The elegant construction of the handles features a gently sloping design that's great for formal place settings. Thanks to the sophisticated shape and the shiny luster of this flatware, it will blend in at banquets, country clubs, and other upscale dining locations.


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