Regency Flatware 18/8

Flatware by Regency Is an Elegant and Durable Dining Solution

Regency flatware is a popular choice for food service businesses because of its attractive appearance and long-lasting durability. This flatware is made of 18/8 stainless steel and has extra nickel mixed in, giving it an appealing shine. Its construction also makes it rust-resistant, so it will last longer in your business even with daily use and washing. If you operate a fine dining restaurant or a catering business, these utensils will brighten your place settings, thanks to their silvery luster.

We carry flatware by Regency for every course of your meal, including cocktail forks, butter knives, demitasse spoons, and salad forks. From soup to salad and dinner to dessert, you can find every shape and size utensil your meal service requires. This flatware features elegant edging detail that frames each handle. The decoration adds an air of formality to your presentation but is subtle enough that it won't detract from your main meal.


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