Condiment Caddies and Racks

Use a Condiment Caddy to Organize Packets, Napkins, and Bottles on Your Restaurant Tables

Keep your condiments, like jelly, sugar packets, salt, and pepper, well-organized and your tables clutter-free with a tabletop condiment caddy. These racks come with compartments of all sizes to hold ketchup and mustard bottles as well as napkins and straws. Some of our condiment caddies also feature elevated holders for seat numbers, brochures, announcements, menus, or drinks lists! You can use a table caddy designed solely for salt and pepper shakers or opt for a larger one to hold condiment bottles and jam packets.

Choose from caddies in different materials like black metal, stainless steel, or galvanized metal. We have black or silver options to suit your style, and you can pick from wire caddies or metal tub options. Some caddies feature a rustic look, while others use ornate metal wire designs that are appropriate for more formal establishments. We carry models that vary in length, and you can even find a condiment holder for tables with multiple compartments for ultimate organization and storage options!


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