Drain Overflow Pipes and Drain Trays

Prevent Overflows with a Bar Drain Tray

One of the most important parts to running a successful bar is making sure your plumbing is working correctly. By using overflow pipes and bar drain trays, you can prevent spills and clogs from occurring in your establishment. These products are also great for catching debris like fruit chunks and seeds that could cause the floors of your bar, pub, or banquet hall to become messy or hazardous.

While overflow pipes can be attached to your sink to prevent overflows, they can also be used on dipping wells at ice cream shops or restaurants. Since bar drain trays even come in neutral shades of black, they can blend right into your bar top without customers noticing. Our other overflow products are also made from durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, so you can be sure they can withstand use in your commercial enviroment.


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