Gravy and Sauce Boats

Use Turkey Gravy Boats to Serve Thick Sauces For Mashed Potatoes and More

Serve a variety of sauces for your meals with one of our stylish gravy boats! Perfect for use at catered events, buffets, diners, or cafés, these gravy boats can hold warm gravies, sauces, syrups, and creamy salad dressings, allowing your customers to pour the exact amount of product they prefer. Available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles, you’re sure to find causal or upscale sauce boats that will complement the décor of your establishment.

All of our gravy boats feature perfectly shaped spouts that will evenly pour liquids out at a controlled pace and prevent leaks and spills. Each item even comes with an attached handle so patrons don’t have to touch the body if it contains hot contents. Using sauce boats instead of bottles and pumps also allows you to serve products with a thicker consistency without clogging a spigot or cap.


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