Work Table Preparation Stations

Work Table Preparation Stations Provide Your Employees with Plenty of Room to Prep Your Meals

Whether you run a bakery or a fast casual restaurant, it’s important that your employees have enough room to prepare your culinary creations. With work table preparation stations, your staff can comfortably chop vegetables, mix batters, and portion side dishes. Most of these tables come equipped with casters, making them easy to move around your back-of-house area. Some of our work table preparation stations even feature sinks that provide your employees with a convenient place to rinse produce or wash their hands.

We offer stainless steel work tables with sinks that solve two common kitchen problems by providing much-needed prep space as well as access to running water. Having a convenient kitchen sink table allows you to wash your produce then start prepping it right away without moving it to a new location. A stainless steel prep table with sink helps your kitchen staff to perform their prep work safely and efficiently.


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