China Bowls

Present Soups, Pastas, and Salads in China Bowls

China bowls are beautiful dishware items for your upscale restaurant, catered event, buffet, or hotel. Set these bowls out at self-serve buffet stations, or use them to deliver shareable salads to customers’ dining tables. Choose from china display bowls in a variety of colors, ranging from basic white to vibrant orange, to find the set that best complements your establishment’s decor.

Our china bowls are available in various capacities and depths, allowing you to present anything from individual servings of pasta to large deli salads. We even carry miniature dishes that are perfect for presenting condiments and dipping sauces. You can also choose from round china display bowls that offer a more traditional appeal as well as square, triangular, and crescent-shaped options that have a more modern look.


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