Sample and Demo Tables

Increase Product Visibility Using a Chef Demo Table with a Mirror

Show off your premium baked or cooked goods to customers at your buffet, restaurant, or deli counter with a sample demo cart. Some of these tables feature mirrors that reflect your creations from a bird's-eye view so customers can see two views of your dishes. In the kitchen, use a chef demo table with a mirror to demonstrate food preparation techniques to your students. Even in a large classroom, your pupils will be able to learn your skills by viewing your demonstration through the mirror.

Use a sample demo cart in your grocery store or at a food festival to store your sample products in a portable work table. Your eye-catching demonstration will attract customers' attention and increase interest in your products. We also offer ceiling mount demo mirrors that can be attached to your kitchen's ceiling at a culinary school or in a food preparation area at your grocery store. Overall, these sample and demo tables increase product visibility and interest in your food whether they're used at a buffet or a culinary institute.


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