Floor Mat Transport and Wash Carts

Keep Industrial Mats Clean with These Floor Mat Transport Carts and Wash Carts

If your staff spends a lot of time handling, cleaning, and drying kitchen, bar, and industrial mats, then it’s time to invest in these floor mat transport carts! These carts are designed to help employees easily and effortlessly transport floor mats from a workstation to the cleaning area. Using a cart also eliminates the unsanitary act of people dragging heavy mats across the floor, which ultimately spreads dirt and grime.

These floor mat transport carts are available assembled so you can start using them right away or unassembled for great savings on shipping costs. Unassembled carts are easy to set up, and they come with instructions and all the necessary hardware. All of these carts are also durably constructed from sturdy materials, allowing you to transport heavy loads.


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