Cooking Carts

Ventless Cooking Equipment Allows Caterers to Prepare Food On Site

If you’re looking for cooking carts for your mobile food prep needs, then you’ve come to the right place. Since these units have built-in filtration systems, they eliminate the need for external ventilation and allow you to safely prepare sauces, soups, stir frys, omelets, pancakes, and other food items. Use this ventless cooking equipment in your convention hall, banquet room, cafe, dining hall, or other space that doesn’t have hoods or duct work installed.

These cooking carts feature stovetop ranges, so you can cook foods in your sauce pots, fry pots, braziers, woks, and stock pots. These ranges are made with induction technology, which helps ensure a cool, comfortable working environment for your chefs. You’ll also find ventless cooking equipment with built-in refrigerated bins for ingredient storage or with customizable storage compartments for plates and cookware.


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120 Volts
$15,439.00 /Each
120 Volts
$13,129.00 /Each