Butane Cooking Torches

Use a Creme Brulee Torch to Add Finishing Touches to Entrees and Desserts

A cooking torch is an essential item in any restaurant or bakery because of its versatility! You can use it to create crispy skin on meats or to melt cheese on sandwiches and au gratin dishes. For sweets and desserts, you can use a butane torch to singe meringues on pies or to caramelize sugar on the tops of creme brulee. Since you can use it for so many dishes, you'll want to keep one available for each station in your restaurant.

Each small propane torch is designed for high performance and comes with an adjustable flame, making it easier for your staff to control the heat output. Thanks to the push button ignition, your employees can generate a flame quickly to speed up prep processes. Simply attach the cooking torch to a butane can to produce a consistent flame.


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