Egg Separators

Use an Egg Separator to Speed Up Prep Time

If you’ve ever wondered how to separate egg whites from the yolk, an egg separator is an easy solution. Simply place your egg separator over a bowl or measuring cup and crack an egg over the device. This will allow the white to pass through, while catching the intact yolk on top like a strainer. There are many recipes that require just one part of the egg, including meringue, souffle, and creme brulee. Also, if you own a diner or breakfast restaurant, many guests will expect egg white omelets to be on your menu. So, by using an egg yolk separator, you can easily and quickly prepare egg whites.

While there are a variety of techniques for separating eggs, using a tool that’s designed for that specific purpose is the best way to separate eggs because it allows you to complete the job more efficiently and easily. Some of these egg separators include containers that stand on their own, while other styles can sit on top of a regular bowl or measuring cup. Both of these designs allow you to use both hands to crack eggs while the tool does all the separating work for you.


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