Salt and Pepper Shakers and Mills

Allow Your Customers to Adjust the Taste of Their Food with Restaurant Salt and Pepper Shakers and Mills

Whether you’re looking for a stylish accent to your contemporary decor or a simple container for seasoning on your table, we offer the salt and pepper shakers and mills you need. You can leave our restaurant salt and pepper shakers and mills on each table in your dining area, allowing your customers to season their food to their specific tastes. We also offer these products in a variety of colors, styles, and types, so you can easily find an option that will meet your needs and match your decor.

Our salt and pepper shakers have different numbers of holes that make them easy to differentiate, and they're designed to control the flow of salt and pepper, which helps prevent overseasoning. In addition to shakers, we carry grinders and mills, which allow your customers or wait staff to add freshly cracked salt and pepper to their dishes. Freshly cracked salt and black pepper have a better aroma and flavor than shaker varieties, and using grinders and mills gives your establishment an upscale look and feel.


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