Washdown Stations

Clean Sidewalks and Windows or Fill Buckets with a Washdown Station

Instead of filling up a bucket with soap and water at a sink and carrying it to another location to use, set up a washdown station to make your cleaning tasks more efficient! Each station comes with a hose and a water gun to make tasks like spraying down sidewalks, windows, and large stock pots easier. We also offer a range of washdown station accessories to keep your existing unit it top operating condition.

Each washdown station can be easily mounted onto any indoor or outdoor wall surface, like the side of a building or an open wall in your kitchen. Wall mounting keeps these units and their compatible washdown station accessories off the ground, away from foot traffic, lawn mowers, and other vehicles. By having one of these stations on-site, you’ll be able to keep up with day-to-day maintenance tasks, dishwashing, lawn care, and more. You can even use these water hoses to rinse off supplies before storing them in supply closets.


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