First Aid Kits

A Commercial First Aid Kit Protects Employees from Further Harm Following Accidents

First aid kits are an essential part of the restaurant industry to keep employees protected from all potential accidents that can happen in a commercial kitchen, from light cuts to mild burns. These first aid packs offer a combination of wound cleaners, bandages, disinfectants, gauze, gloves, ammonia inhalants, mini scissors, and more. Their compact sizes also mean that you can find one to fit in almost any area for added convenience.

Choose a small commercial first aid kit for a low-volume facility, or keep a first aid cabinet in your high-traffic kitchen. We offer burn relief kits, emergency and disaster kits, and travel kits to suit the size of your business. Keep first aid kits in your schools, office buildings, janitor closets, healthcare facilities, or any public place. This way, in the event of any accidents, you can be prepared to help anyone who's injured.


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