New Roots Restaurant Supplies and Equipment

Making an Impact on Your Community Has Never Been Easier. Every Product Sold Helps Plant Trees Where They're Needed Most.

New Roots is a responsible manufacturer of renewably sourced disposables. A portion of their sales goes directly towards supporting the National Forest Foundation to plant new trees, which offsets the energy and resources necessary to produce their products. Their high-quality products are offered at an affordable price to make sustainability an attainable practice for all businesses.

New Roots food storage products are made from renewably sourced paper that can be broken down naturally without damaging the environment. Their compostable paper hot cups, lids, and take-out containers are an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful, single-use plastics. Committed to restoring the environment for future generations to enjoy, using New Roots food storage products in your business is a step in the direction of a greener, and cleaner, tomorrow.

Overall customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars